Valextra “North South” Leather Tote Bag

Valextra Leather Tote Bag

80-year-old Milanese luxury brand Valextra specialises in subtle luxury. You can tell by just looking at their bags and luggages – any form of branding is hardly noticeable (or none at all) – and their bags are just beautiful, beautiful, like this Valextra Leather Tote Bag.

Big but still classy, this calfskin tote is a versatile carry-all bag for both formal and casual settings. One point to note about this bag: it features “snap buttons” on both sides of the bag that allows capacity expansion. This bag can go up to 16 litres in volume. It’s a clever feature to maximise the usability of this bag. I have had the situation where I wanted to carry a bag when I go out but sometimes I don’t actually have enough “stuff” to justify carrying a bag. It will feel like I’m carrying an empty bag. (Do ya know what I’m saying?)

Just like a pair of good leather shoes, you can expect the leather of this bag to age well with time.

Valextra Leather Tote Bag Front

Valextra Leather Tote Bag Size

Retailed at $2,260, this timeless bag has a price tag that matches the brand’s reputation and quality. If you’ve got the budget, go for this.

* Mayo-meter is purely a personal evaluation. If you love the item – go for it!

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