Astrid Andersen Spring 2015: Kimono, Thawbs, Cheongsam & Sports Bra?

There are times when fashion simply means wild imagination and plausible creativity. There are times when fashion means a mash-up of a lot of things from different countries – Astrid Andersen SS2015 is a great example of the latter.

Browse through the gallery above and you can tell it’s true when Astrid said the collection was inspired by her recent trip to Japan. We saw you picked up some inspiration from Middle East and China too, Ms Andersen.

There isn’t much that tugs our heartstrings this round (her previous works were more hip-hop themed though.) But fret not Ms Andersen, we have something that might tug your heartstrings.


Me circa February 2014. I was pretty much a little ahead of you, Ms Andersen. Pretty much.

I may or may not be wearing a sports bra underneath. My cheongsam may have higher opacity. And I may or may not be wearing shorts underneath a la the model – but fellas, that shouldn’t affect your final verdict of this very question: who wore it best?

JOKING, Ms Andersen. Even though our stars don’t align this season, you’re our menswear hero.