Palmer Harding Spring/Summer 2015

“Our pants are pretty low-slung so every time he landed at 40 miles per hour his trousers fell down,” said Levi Palmer, one of the duo (the other is Matthew Harding) running the line Palmer Harding.

Palmer was referring to Sam Oldham, the British Olympic gymnast they’ve casted in their latest collection film below:

On an unrelated note, Palmer’s words gave me quite a good laugh because my right brain virtually replayed the imaginative trouser-fell-down scene, which subsequently linked me to a scene from Olympics:


… And then somehow, the infamous Johansson’s “fall-down” MEME:

scarlett-johansson-meme-1 scarlett-johansson-meme-2 scarlett-johansson-meme-3scarlett-johansson-meme-4

I present to you, Scarlett Johansson “Fall” 2013 collection.

I digress.

Palmer Harding is a young brand founded in 2011. They debuted with a focus on reinterpretingΒ the white shirt. Get clicky on the MEME-worthy Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcased during London Collections: Men (LCM).

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