Very Classy: THEY New York Circle Low in White-Black

They New York Review

We’ve seen big stripes on sneakers here, here and here – thrice a trend! But it’s a good trend that’s slowly turning into a classic style. In the midst of all the stripes, why not… a big polka dot?

More specifically, it’s a semi-circle – I’m talking about these very classy geometric sneakers by THEY based in New York. If plain white sneakers are too basic for you, these minimalist sneakers have just the right amount of edginess and quirkiness.

They New York Sneakers View

One very important and distinctive point about these sneakers: the semi-circle isn’t just a print-on. The shoemakers literally stitch it on seamlessly with the rest of the leather panels. Check it out in the close-up below:

They New York Stitching Close Up

The co-founders of the brand, Angela Lin and Jack Lin (brother) came from a Japanese footwear family with over 30 years of industrial experience. So in terms of quality and craftsmanship, this is an  unwritten seal of approval (for me.)

“We wanted to create a sneaker that offers both the simplicity of the white sneaker and yet has an accentuated highlight that sets it apart.” I think they did it.

Retailed at $359, these sneakers are reasonably priced given the material and design. There’s no reason to not like these sneakers if you’re a fan of minimalist sneakers.

* Mayo-meter is purely a personal evaluation. If you love the item – go for it!

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