Style Inspiration: Lapel Pin & Buttonhole

Blue Flower Lapel Pin Italy

As a SOHOer, I don’t wear suit for work, but I do wear blazer a lot and I looove my blazer.

While blazer may be my favourite and most used fashion item, the idea of plain blazer is starting to get old, until I stumbled upon a very fun and useful accessory – lapel pin.

Lapel pin is literally a pin that you put on the lapel of your blazer or suit. In the past, it’s worn to indicate the status or the affiliation of the wearer, but it’s now popular as a form of decoration.

United State Secret Service Agent Lapel Pin

United State Secret Service Agent wearing a special lapel pin

The close cousin of lapel pin is Boutonnière. Boutonnière is a french word. In English, it is “Button hole” (read History of Boutonnière). The line between lapel pin and boutonnière is blurring nowadays, but Boutonnière is usually a floral decoration. Personally I prefer flower lapel pin because it looks chic to me.

Tom Ford White Flower Lapel Pin Buttonhole

Tom Ford wearing white flower lapel pin.

I’m currently on the lookout for some lapel pins, so I’ve been collecting some inspiring pictures recently.

Here’s the gallery:

Big Orange Flower Lapel Pin

Black Rose Lapel Pin Buttonhole

Bowtie Lapel Pin

Brown Window Pane Hat Men Style Flower Lapel Pin

Check Jacket Small Lapel Pin

Checker Shirt Gray Blazer Purple Lapel Pin

Ed Westwick Horse Polo Lapel Pin

Fluffy White Flower Lapel Pin

Fruit Lapel Pin

Gingham Jacket & White Flower Lapel Pin

Gray Suit & Pink Lapel Pin

Green Lapel Pin & Green Tie

Green Tie, Purple Flower Lapel Pin

Grey Rose Lapel Pin

Horse head Lapel Pin

Huge White Flower Lapel Pin

Blue Flower Lapel Pin


Blue Knot Ball Lapel Pin

Colourful Lapel Pin & Pocket Square Details

Lily Flower Lapel Pin

Metal Lapel Pin

Monochrome Gray Lapel Pin

Mustard Yellow Flower Lapel Pin

Orange Flower Lapel Pin

Purple Flower Lapel Pin

Red Flower Lapel Pin + Wool Casual Blazer

Red Rose Lapel Pin

Red Rose Buttonhole

Small Red Flower Lapel Pin

Stripe Navy Suit & Gray Lapel Pin

Tiny Flower Bunches Lapel Pin

Tiny Red Lapel Pin & Black Suit

Red Lapel Pin with Navy Suit

Flower Lapel Pin & Blue Suits, Pitti Uomo

Yellow Flower Lapel Pin

Tiny White Flower Lapel Pin

If you stumble upon some great pins, or you know where to get them, do let me know. :)

Hope you enjoy this post.

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